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“I’m not teaching you how to fight. I am teaching you how to control evil. That’s what we are really doing here.” ~ Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

Red Lotus Martial Arts


“Martial arts training with an edge”

At Red Lotus Martial Arts, in Point of Rocks Maryland, we combine real world Shotokan martial arts with the practical sword combative techniques known as Bukido. Our students don’t have to wait until they get to higher belts to learn how to effectively use a tool in their hands for defense, they learn it from day one.

Martial arts is a fantastic workout, a joy to learn, and helps build confidence in everyday activities.

What will you get from a class at Red Lotus?

  • *You will get a heart pumping class that will get you in shape and develop muscles, no matter your age.
  • *You will learn no nonsense self defense that is easy to replicate under duress.
  • *You will learn how to utilize anything in your hand as an effective self defense tool.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

31MS4qFd3LL._SY300_*Effective Kicking techniques designed to bring any size opponent down. Although we stretch our legs high in class, our aim is never to the head but in the lower body along what we call “Fold Points”.

4574373878_537x806*Punching is a common technique in almost all martial arts, yet it is how it is taught that matters. Being able to throw a punch is important in self defense but learning when not to is equally important. We want our students to learn restraint, to maintain discipline, and to never act out of anger.

ki8oaedkT  *Close quarter no nonsense self defense. You have to be able to get yourself out of dangerous situations quickly, the more complex the defense the harder it is to implement.

ninja-silhouette-image-18*Utilizing the sword helps to focus the mind and become aware of your surroundings. It also changes your mindset from wanting to win to not wanting to lose. Students learn to treat all incoming strikes as if it was a sword thus increasing their defensive awareness.

stickfighter-silhouette-d75246122*Utilizing not one but both hands armed with striking tools helps students learn how to perfect “block/strike” as one fluid movement. Doing so will make them aware of their reach and determine if a strike requires a response or not.